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What Enthralls You About Your Spouse?

This week, in my continuing series on successful marriages, respondents share what they see in their partners. I had asked for the top three characteristics that have kept spouses enthralled, but, happily, many expanded on their answers.


I think the featured photo summarizes this article perfectly!


Key words and categories are grouped, with sample quotes.

Kindness, affection, and caring of me, family and others


    • He remains smitten with me even after 44 years of marriage and tells me so everyday. He is a loyal friend. He is one of the kindest people I know.
    • In addition to a true love, we truly LIKE each other. We are best friends and have been for seventy-four years. This becomes even more important as we grow old. We need each other and we know it. We think we are two parts of a whole, and neither is complete without the other.
    • She keeps a very positive outlook on life and tries to pass that on to our children and grandchildren.
    • He is a very kind, considerate and caring person, both to me and those he comes in contact with. I have always felt valued by him. 
    • Support, celebrating each other, affection (hugs, holding hands etc.)
    • She still cuddles like the “Good old days”.
    • Gives lots of hugs, pets and back rubs.  Touch is very important.



    • He’s funny.
    • Each of us has a good sense of humour – but different! He has an uncanny ability to make me laugh when I am annoyed so I just can’t stay mad!
    • He loves to make me laugh & has an amazing sense of humour, he has a wonderful vitality and love of life and shows it with an amazing smile.
    • She always wears a smile. Makes me laugh.

Intelligent, adventurous and curious


    • My partner is a deep thinker.
    • Her intelligence and thirst for knowledge.
    • My spouse is a scholar and inherent in that is a love of learning and listening to other scholars and students and sharing ideas with me.
    • He’s smart and often I need to talk things out with him. He’s the first one I think of when I have a problem that needs solving.
    • His willingness and ability to help solve problems in so many situations.
    • [Her] intrigue for new experiences, spontaneity and her positivity.
    • Intelligence because life becomes dull without someone of your own caliber, whatever that may be.
    • Good nature/fun/tenacity

Authentic, supportive, trustworthy


    • He makes me feel safe and whole.
    • The support she has given me on all of my endeavours over our years of marriage and continues to this day.
    • Grace to able to be supportive in not only the common, but the unusual or new situations.
    • In all our world-wide travels, we have supported each other in good and not so good times.
    • [His] groundedness, trustworthiness and humour are things that have kept me enthralled through the years.
    • Authenticity/ intelligence/good chemistry
    • [My] spouse is good caregiver when I am stressed out.

I think this was the most romantic part of the responses. All these positive sentiments keep me buoyed up and smiling. Happy Winter Solstice, and I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season!


Thanks to Dakota Corbin for the featured photo from Unsplash.


The final installment on December 28, will provide responses to: What advice would you give new couples for achieving a long and fulfilling union?

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