May Wong

May is an author and speaker (Chinese and Canadian history), and maker of beautiful handmade things in yarn and fabric. She is expanding her creative expression through watercolour painting. She is a practitioner of Kenpo Karate.

Knitting Essentials7

Knitting Essentials

Patterns When I first started knitting seriously in the late 1980’s, I had to buy knitting magazines and books to find patterns. One old favourite,  “Our Best Knit Baby Afghans – book 2”, by, still provides many options to learn interesting lace patterns.   Now, with the proliferation of websites like Pinterest, and others

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Perfect Wave

Painting is a real test of observation, imagination, patience, and perseverance. This means practice, practice, practice, even if subsequent paintings only show areas of improvement. Skill may (or not) develop – but I remain optimistic, as I can usually (not always) find a spot that I like. I have been trying to paint water, specifically

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Books, Film, and Food

As for so many people, the Covid pandemic stalled our travels.   Fortunately, we have so many options to do armchair visiting, whether it be the old fashioned way through books (including audiobooks) and television, or the internet watching YouTube travel documentaries or Vlogs.   While many new worlds have opened up for my husband

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