May Wong

May is an author and speaker (Chinese and Canadian history), and maker of beautiful handmade things in yarn and fabric. She is expanding her creative expression through watercolour painting. She is a practitioner of Kenpo Karate.

Why 2023 is Significant for Canadians and My Family

100 – 2023 marks 100 years since the end of the head tax on Chinese immigrants to Canada. The head tax was implemented in 1885, immediately after the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Between 1881-1884, 15,000 Chinese men were recruited to build the railroad. They were offered only half the daily wages of their …

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Featured photo on Marriage advice

Advice for Successful Marriages/Partnerships

Welcome to the final installment of the responses to my informal survey about long and successful marriage/relationships. These responses were collected over the summer and fall of 2022, after being inspired by an invitation to a 70th wedding anniversary celebration and our own 40th.   I am so grateful for those to took the time …

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Featured image on children and couples

How Having Children Affected the Marriage/Relationship

Welcome back to my blog series about successful marriages/partnerships.  Today’s article is about how raising children impacted the couples’ relationships. I am very grateful for the candid responses; it couldn’t have been easy to share negative experiences.   I chose the featured photo of an elephant and her babies because elephants are known to have …

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Feature photo for 3 top success

Keys to Successful Marriages/Relationships

Hi! In today’s installment from my survey about successful marriages and relationship, I present the keys to success. I grouped key words and concepts into categories. They are listed from highest to lowest frequency, with sample comments: Compatibility, friendship, and spending time together   Even though schedules were busy [we] made time for each other …

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with Joy Kogawa

With Joy Kogawa at Historic Joy Kogawa House!

Joy Kogawa’s novel Obasan, about a Japanese Canadian woman’s childhood experiences in a Canadian internment camp during WW II was an eye-opener. While I had previously heard about the round-up of all Japanese from the west coast and their exile to remote British Columbia towns and prairie farms, the novel brought home not only the …

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creativity good for mental health

Being Creative is Good for Your Mental Health

More information shows that taking part in creative activities can help your brain develop new pathways in your brain, thus releasing the hormone – dopamine – that makes you feel good. It reduces the effects of stress by decreasing anxiety and depression, which contributes to more positive mental health. And good news for us seniors …

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