May Q. Wong

Projects to Inspire Creativity

You are never too old
(or too young)
to try something new.
you just need some

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My first book, which I started writing after I retired, took 7 years to write and was published when I was 57. I was 63 when the next one was released.
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My older cousin taught me how to knit when I was 5, but I didn't start to knit seriously until I was in my 30's. I have been knitting everyday for the past 12 years.
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I was 59 when I started learning Kenpo Karate with my husband (5 years older). We trained diligently and both received our 2nd degree Black belts 6 years later. We still practice.
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I used to love to paint in high school, but didn't take my first watercolour painting class until I was 59. I am learning with, and being inspired by friends.
Chinese spices
My mother, father, and sister were great cooks and I have many memories of foods that are now rarely eaten. I am also curious about foods from other cultures.
The first things I sewed were doll clothes when I was 7. The best thing about making my own clothes was choosing my own unique style, with something as small as the buttons.
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